Saturday, 5 November 2011

4 simple steps in order to get your free gifts

  • Sign up at FreebieJeebies and select the gift you want
  • Clear you cookies, history, temp file ; Turn off your pop-up blocker. Close your browser. Re-open it and sign up at
  • Complete one offer ( JUST ONE ), because there are a lot to choose from. Complete with your real data, otherwise you will get banned.  ( Every account is manually verified )
  • Reffer friends to FreebieJeebies using your refferal link

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Free Trial Offer

There are four new free trial offers added to FJ.

The procedures to get your free cash or free gift

1. Verification

Verification is the period of time during which your account is checked to make sure our Terms & Conditions have not been breached.  During verification, we also check that the referrals you have gained have also adhered to our Terms & Conditions.
Verifications can take up to around 7~10 days.  Please be patient and your account will be verified as soon as possible.

If, after the verification you have enough greens for your desired item, you can order it. If not, you will have to gain more sign ups or alternatively choose a different item which is worth less referrals.
2. Processing

This is the period after a customer's account has been verified succesfully. This means that we have received the order and are currently processing it.

We normally place orders within a few days ( 7days ) of the customer's account passing verification.  Once the customer's item(s) has been ordered, the account status will be updated to 'shipped' or 'Sent To Vendor.'